Garage Maestricht's tale    


What started out as ‘Auto Bollen’, a family automobile dealership back in the 1950s, went on to become the premier car dealership in the southern hemisphere of the Netherlands. Over the years the dealerships of Austin, BMW, Rover and Skoda were present at Auto Bollen. After being active in the car industry for decades the name ‘Bollen’ is considered as comprehension in Maastricht and surroundings.
Now the third family generation is running the business, and over the years the overall focus has shifted evenly. What started out as a side business, quickly ‘escalated’ more and more. The passion and enthusiasm for classic cars started to take the overhand in the business model and has now gone on to become the main focus of the business.
At first, we only acquired classic cars for sheer private use and not for the trade, because why sell what you love, right? After having sold multiple cars (From Austin Cooper’s to Alfa Bertone GT’s) to friends and acquaintances an unintended business found it’s baptism of fire.
We titled this classic car business ‘Garage Maestricht’. The spelling of 'Maestricht' is easily distinguishable and not to be confused with the regular spelling of Maastricht. Maestricht being a playful reference to the ancient Roman orthography. In the forthcoming future the Garage Maestricht label will be expanded, in order to serve more customers with their dream classic automobiles, and spread the classic car fever across borders. Through passion, expertise, and experience we try to add value to every car we sell, and any service we offer. We look forward to hearing from you. 
The Garage Maestricht Team  


Garage Maestricht at the WEC 6 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps.
The cars.
The vast majority of cars that you see on our website and in our showroom are cars into which Garage Maestricht has made a personal investment. This signifies that we have the greatest of faith in all the cars we offer. The fact that we are happy to personally invest in cars that meet our standards, stands for the conviction that they will meet the requirements of any potential buyers. 
Because Garage Maestricht is the sole owner of the cars on offer, we are able to make instant decisions when it comes to the dealmaking, being it a car you may want to sell or a car we want to buy. If you wish to barter a vehicle against one of the wonderful cars we have on offer, or if you simply have an interesting car which you would like to sell, feel free to contact us for possibilities.
Commission sales are not our core business. However, we do understand that this might be a suiting solution in some cases. If you have a car you wish to sell, and think it lives up to our standards feel free to contact us in any case.
The showroom.
Our showroom is situated in the very heart of the historical center of Maastricht, and we happen to be the sole car dealership left within the ancient walls of the city center. This is not only unique, but also adds to the charismatic feel and atmosphere which suits the entire cachet of the classic cars so well. 
Maastricht itself is situated very centrally right at the edge of the Belgian and German border, and just shy of 2,5 hours drive from the French border (visit our CONTACT page to see a detailed map).
Since the showroom itself has been used as a car dealership for over half a century. With first Austin, BMW and later brands like Rover and Skoda, the facility oozes car business and we couldn't imagine a better way to build on this amazing foundation with our classic car business.