Cars comprise a unique blend of impregnable aspects that for most of us can't be found elsewhere. Historic, artistic, the technical ingenuity or the sheer driving pleasure. To any of us 'petrolheads', they fulfill a different passion or interest. Here at Garage Maestricht, we try at heart to fulfill any need one might have concerning the finest of classic cars or youngtimers.
We do our very best to offer a great variety of cars at prices that are right, and most importantly in a way we would like to buy cars ourselves. Trouble-free, discrete and above all satisfactory in a way that matches the excitement of such significant and emotional purchase.
Through passion, expertise, and experience we try to add value to every car we sell, and any service we offer.


At Garage Maestricht we pride ourselves on the fact that the vast majority of our stock is our own, implying that the cars you see on our website and showroom are cars in which we made a personal investment. So then, what does that mean in practice? We hand-pick every car that meets our criteria for quality, preservation, provenance and general condition. This implies that we are in the fortunate position to make instant decicions without any conflict of interest, whether you are buying or selling. But most importantly does this imply that if we are prepared to make significant financial commitments to the motorcars we offer and thus meet our standards, they will meet all standards of any potential client.
So if you are in the position to part ways with your pride and joy, or wish to part-exchange your car to any of the motorcars we have on offer, please don't hesitate to contact us. If your car meets our standards we can make the sale of your motorcar fast, pleasant and above all hassle-free.


Our showroom is situated in the very heart of the historical center of Maastricht, and we happen to be the sole car dealership left within the ancient walls of the city center. This is not only unique, but also adds to the charismatic feel and atmosphere which suits the entire cachet of the historic motorcars so well. Maastricht itself is situated very centrally right at the edge of the Belgian and German border, and just shy of 2,5 hours drive from the French border (visit our CONTACT page to see a detailed map).
Since the showroom itself has been used as a car dealership for over half a century. With first Austin, BMW and later brands like Rover and Skoda, the facility oozes car business and we couldn't imagine a better way to build on this amazing foundation with our classic car business.
Please note that viewings are strictly by appointment only. 


A classic motorcar is so much more than just "an old car". We like to see it as a historic artefact, a reflection of personal taste and interest to history. This implies that a classic car's past is inevitably intertwined with its present, and thus should be nurtured. A car's provenance and period documentation is something we hold a lot of value to at Garage Maestricht, so we meticulously nurture any car's documentation in a composed history file which will be supplied with every car. 
This valuable documentation can range from period registration documents, MOT certificates, period imagery to paint depth reports. We also compose bespoke booklets of individual cars to further elaborate and nurture a car's provenance and features. Safe to say we devote a lot of time and attention to documenting every single car as complete as possible.


We are delighted to offer full arrangement of transportation for all cars purchased from us as a bespoke service to our clients. We hold strong relationships with a plethora of leading transport companies to accomodate shipment on a national and international level. This way we can offer a complete "remote purchase experience" for clients around the globe in a transparant, discrete and above all secure manner.
Depending on the requirements transportation can be arranged by road on a flatbed trailer, covered and uncovered truck as well as overseas shipment by boat.