It is no secret that the classic car industry is increasingly crowded, with a new "dealer", "consultant" or self-proclaimed "specialist" popping up every other day. We believe it is important to have utmost confidence and trust in the party you are dealing with - whether you are buying or selling.
The "second-hand" car market can be a scary place as it is unfortunately prone for fraud and scams, especially due to the big sums of money that are invloved in the business. Besides that are parties that have little to no care about the cars they are selling nor the customers they are serving unfortunately prevailing. 
A trustworthy dealership that buys and sells cars in which it has absolute confidence is a rarety - now more than ever.
We believe that buyers will some day become sellers (and vise versa), meaning we elect to be of added value on either side of the table to any potential client.
Expect transparancy, expertise and courtesey of the highest order when dealing with us.
Why buy from Garage Maestricht?
  • The majority of the cars on offer are our own. We are no brokers, but a true old-fashioned dealership which buys and sells their own cars. We do understand that a consignment sale might be suiting in some cases, however this is not our core business.
  • Our financial investment in a motorcar stands for the conviction that every car we offer meets our demanding standards, and therefore will meet the expectations of any potential client.
  • All cars are handpicked by us and offered under the same circumstances. Physically present at our showroom. Ready to be driven.
  • Our aim is to repeat business and build long-term relationships with our clients that are beneficial for both parties. We don’t just want to sell one car, we want to sell you your next cars and preferably, buy each one back.
  • We try to prepare the cars to a 'get in and drive' standard. To serve you with all the information we have at our disposal, and to give you the best possible idea of a cars state. All cars can be viewed from all angles at our workshop, and a pre-purchase test drive is always a possibility. 
  • We analyze the historic car market day-by-day. We always strive to price our cars correctly and thus competitively.