1982 Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider Veloce
TIPO 115.38 | Coachwork by Pininfarina

Chassis no. AR11538*2474582

Engine no. AR00515*013281

  • Presented in original and rare Bronzo Metallizzato AR842
  • Accompanied by its Certificate of Authenticity, proving its matching numbers status
  • An original Dutch car, boasting just 3 private owners from new with warranted mileage
  • An extremely solid and original car, having been preserved meticulously from new
  • Fitted with desirable 15" GTA-style Alfaholics wheels and Alfaholics rear springs
  • Currently Dutch registered and ready to go
  • One of the best driving Spiders in recent memory

The Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider Veloce:
The great Alfa Romeo marque was experiencing what is now commonly referred to as its road car hyyday in the late 1960's. The 105 model range was eminently popular, both within  homemarket borders and beyond. The Alfa Romeo Spider fulfilled a specific role within that model range, being the open-top two-seater aimed at a spirited yet leisurable driving aficionados. It goes without saying it was an incredibly popular model in the 105 model range. The second series Spider was introduced in 1970 and was (just like its predecessor; the first series “Duetto”) heavily based on 105-series Giulia saloon underpinnings. Designed by Pininfarina and deemed to be the finer-driving convertible on the market back then, the second series brought numerous improvements to the table in comparison to its predecessor.
Available with a 1300, 1600 and for a limited time a 1750cc engine, soon Alfa would introduce a new "halo" powerplant; the 1962 cc engine displacement. This engine produced a healthy 130 hp and 180 Nm of torque and with its curb weight just north of 1000 kg, the 2000 Spider Veloce was clearly intended for spirited driving.
This 2000 Spider Veloce:
The car we're pleased to be offering here, chassis 2474582, was originally consigned to the Netherlands on the 2nd of Feb 1982 under reg number HJ-05-TN - making it a very late Series 2 example. As it concerns an original Dutch car, we have uninterrupted ownership and mileage which is incredibly rare for a +40 y/o Alfa Romeo.
The Spider was originally delivered in the svelte colour combo of Bronzo Metallizzato (colour code 842) over a beige interior - the exact specification it is presented in today. Some years ago the car received a professional repaint in the correct shade (as per usual after 30-40 years) which presents incredibly well today. Having seen just three private owners in the course of its life; the first up until June 1994, the next up until July 2020 and the latter until we purchased her.
Technically it is a very sorted motorcar to say the least, very fast with its nicely tuned Dellorto carbs, smooth DOHC 2-litre provinding plenty of torque and shifting beautifully with its slick 5-speed gearbox. The superb stance is further underlined by the ever-so desirable 15" Alfaholics GTA-style wheels. The rear suspension is upgraded with Alfaholics springs. Crunchy synchro's or noisy rear axles are no topic with this great Spider - all is very well cared for. The body has been preserved meticulously, all around the car you can find access points for anti-corrosion in the hollow areas (a common weak spot with these) and one can still notice the "stickyness" of the anti-corrosion all-around! A great sign of rust-proofing. The underside depicts a similar story, with all weld spots, water apertures and seams looking sharp and rust-free. Furthermore it goes without saying all electric ancillaries are fully functioning without exception - a modern Pioneer Radio included. It comes "fully equipped" with its original jack, spare wheel, warning triangle, two sets of keys and history file which contains the certificate of authenticity as well as numerous invoices.
Probably one of the finer Spiders out there today presented in what we believe is one of the best colours. As ready to go as they come, immediately useable to enjoy the later stages of Summer! If you're on the watchout for one of these - it has to be this great example!