Welcome to Bollenpark!

Garage Maestricht is located in the historical center of Maastricht, The Netherlands. Parking in the center of Maastricht is no sinecure. Available roadside parking places are very scarce, and public parking houses are mostly undersized. This makes it very hard for visitors and tourists to come and visit the beautiful historical center of Maastricht by car.
At Garage Maestricht, we anticipate to this issue by making use of the excess space in our facility and make it available for public parking at a very competitive rate; 7 days a week, 365 days a year. This public parking initiative is called BollenPark, which distinguishes it from all other activities under the Garage Maestricht banner. 

The price for a day ticket is €20,- (06.30hrs - 02.00hrs) Full = Full
Reserved parking spots are possible via email reservation only: €30,- (06.30hrs - 02.00hrs) Full = Full
Send an email to erik@garagemaestricht.nl to reserve your spot!
Parking at night is a possibility as well and can be done in combination with a day ticket for just €5,-

Opening hours:
M:  06.30h - 02:00h
T:   06.30h - 02:00h
W:  06.30h - 02:00h
T:   06.30h - 02.00h
F:   06.30h - 02.00h
S:  06.30h - 02:00h
S:  06.30h - 02:00h
Note: different opening hours are always a possibility on request (for example if you want/need acces to the parking facility during nighttime).
For reservations or more info: 
E: erik@garagemaestricht.nl 
T: + 31 (0) 43 325 41 01
Our location: