1971 Alfa Romeo Giulia 1300 Super
TIPO 115.09 | Faggio 516

Chassis no. AR2258700

Engine no. 00530*E7106*

  • Presented in svelte Faggio AR 516 over a Beige leatherette upholstery
  • Boasting a superb stance thanks to lowered Eibach springs and 15" GTA-style wheels
  • The recipient of + €2500,- of expenditure prior to offering to market
  • Accompanied by its original jack, spare wheel and history file
  • One of the nicest and best sorted Giulia's on the market today 

The Giulia 1300 Super:

“The family car with the sportscar temperament!” – probably the best way to sum up the 105 series Giulia saloon. The 105 series Giulia needs little introduction, with a plethora of variants introduced from 1964 all the way to 1973, from trim levels to engine capacity’s.
Alongside the 1570 cc top-of-the-range models, Alfa also offered a 1290 cc capacity as an entry-level variant. Firstly, the 1.3’s were suited with a basic trim level and upholstery compared to its bigger brothers along with a single carburettor setup. However over the years Alfa gradually improved and uprated the trim levels on their 1.3-engined models to a higher standard.
From 1970 onwards, Alfa launched the 1300 Super as a successor to the 1300 TI which had the exact engine specification as the GT 1300 Junior coupe – including the twin double-choke side-draft carburettors. The “Super” nomenclature stands for the uprated trim and upholstery setup making it a much more luxurious experience for its occupants! Around 1972 the “1300 Super” tag was changed to “Super 1.3” to be more ubiquitous with Alfa’s overall line-up.
This Giulia 1300 Super:
Chassis no. AR2258700 was first registered on the 27th of October 1971 believed in the svelte colour combination of Faggio AR516 over a Beige leatherette upholstery – the spec it is presented in today. It is strongly believed the origins of this specimen’s life lie in Italy after which the car has made its way to the vicinity of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, followed by a stint near Antwerp in Belgium and now back with us in the Netherlands again.
The Giulia has evidently been the recipient of considerable restoration works sometime in its not too distant life. The body of the car remains exceedingly true and honest, with correct and consistent shutlines throughout. The sills, underbody, doors and fenders (the usual points of attention for a Giulia) are all very neat and correct and show no signs of corrosion. On various places the original weld spots are still visible too – depicting the originality of this car’s body. The paint finish is neat, with a nice consistent shine, also the inner parts like the boot and engine bay present very well.
The Beige leatherette upholstery is still in very good condition altogether. The seats and rear bench show minimal signs of use, the dashboard is uncracked, headlining is in great shape too and the door cards are as new (invoice present in history file). The interior is complemented by a retro style radio with Bluetooth functionality – a nice contemporary and above all functional touch without too much compromise aesthetically. The interior of this Giulia is a very pleasant place to be.
The car is on the button and runs exceedingly smooth, the double Dellorto carbs are set-up nicely. The gearbox is sleek with no crunchy synchros either. Recent service history (by us as well as previous custodians) indicates the addressing of the following items amongst others: rebuilt brake callipers, new brake booster & cylinder, new clutch master + slave cylinder + flexi line, new uprated and lowered Eibach springs with spring pan rubbers, fresh Hankook tires as well the ever-so desirable 15” GTA-style wheels. It goes without saying all electrical ancillaries are fully functioning – this Giulia needs for nothing.
The car is accompanied by its original jack, spare wheel, history file including some invoices and a single set of keys.
This 1300 Super comes in a desperately beautiful spec, is technically as sorted as it looks and thus drives wonderfully. An eminently usable and tasteful classic with room for the entire family that is!