• Presented in svelte Blu Olandese AR343 over a Beige upholstery
  • Benefits from a documented aesthetical recommissioning in 2015
  • Accompanied by its original jack, toolkit, spare wheel and nice history file
  • A very affordable entry to the classic 105-series market without any compromise to overall quality
  • A simply lovely Giulia ready to be enjoyed in the forthcoming Spring and Summer


TIPO 115.09

1971 Alfa Romeo Giulia 1300 Super

Blu Olandese


Chassis no. AR2243570


The Giulia 1300 Super:
“The family car with the sportscar temperament!” – probably the best way to sum up the 105 series Giulia saloon. The 105 series Giulia needs little introduction, with a plethora of variants introduced from 1964 all the way to 1973, from trim levels to engine capacity’s.
Alongside the 1570 cc top-of-the-range models, Alfa also offered a 1290 cc capacity as an entry-level variant. Firstly, the 1.3’s were suited with a basic trim level and upholstery compared to its bigger brothers along with a single carburettor setup. However over the years Alfa gradually improved and uprated the trim levels on their 1.3-engined models to a higher standard.
From 1970 onwards, Alfa launched the 1300 Super as a successor to the 1300 TI which had the exact engine specification as the GT 1300 Junior coupe – including the twin double-choke side-draft carburettors. The “Super” nomenclature stands for the uprated trim and upholstery setup making it a much more luxurious experience for its occupants! Around 1972 the “1300 Super” tag was changed to “Super 1.3” to be more ubiquitous with Alfa’s overall line-up.
This Giulia 1300 Super:
Chassis no. AR2243570 was first registered on the 17th of June 1971 in the svelte colour combination of Blu Olandese AR343 over a Beige leatherette upholstery – the spec it is presented in today. According to contemporary German registration documents, the car has seen 3 owners with the latter having acquired it in April 2007 to keep hold of it until late 2021 when we acquired it.
The Giulia has been registered in Germany under the so-called H-Kennzeichen. This means the Giulia has been approved by the German TÜV for originality, technical status as well as environmental compliance. Back in 2015 the Giulia underwent its annual DEKRA inspection (the technical approvements are infamously rigorous in Germany) and while the car still remained in largely original specification as well as first-paint until that point, some diminutive spots of corrosion were beginning to be evident on several places around the car. It was around this time that the previous owner decided to embark on a sympathetic aesthetical recommissioning, executed by renowned body shop Erni AG in the vicinity of Zürich, Switzerland. This work has been carefully documented by 100+ images which are neatly presented in the Giulia’s history file.
Images suggest a very true and honest car to begin with, meaning no serious metal work was needed. During this recommissioning the suspension got some attention too, where a set of slightly lowered Eibach springs and Bilstein dampers have been fitted – providing an amazing stance with slightly more sporty handling. Additionally have the wheels and the interior (upholstery as well as the headlining) received a refurbishment too during this time. A nice detail is that the original stickers (under bonnet as well as boot lid) have been preserved during this recommissioning!
The Giulia is in generally splendid state technically, with a very healthy engine pulling nicely (even from low revs) without hesitation. The double Dollerto carbs have clearly been set-up and balanced minutely, even when stone cold it fires up without hesitancy. The gearbox is in very good nick overall, shifting very precisely (as a Giulia should) with only a slight crunch on the 2nd synchromesh when cold – a typical Giulia peculiarity. The 4 Hankook tires have been fitted in 2019 and are still as good as new today. Any new owner can rest assured that this Giulia is ready for many kilometres of driving pleasure – in great style that is!
The Giulia is complemented with a great host of accessories; original jack, toolkit, original spare wheel and a nice history file with according documentation.
This 1300 Super is a testament that an affordable entry to the classic 105-series market does not have to be synonymous with a compromise to overall quality. We’re certain it will provide a big smile to any new custodian who snaps it up, without breaking the bank that is!