• Presented in unique Blu Olandese over Nero
  • Fresh from a total respray, presented in truly splendid condition
  • Comes with highly desirable 15" Alfaholics GTA-style wheels
  • Completely 'on the button' and ready-to-go
  • Freshly serviced including a new waterpump, belt and exhaust system


TIPO 115.03

1972 Alfa Romeo GT 1600 Junior

Coachwork by Bertone

Chassis no. AR2196684

Engine no. AR00536*23421


The Alfa Romeo GT 1600 Junior:
The Alfa Romeo GT 1600 Junior was introduced in 1972, to fill in the gap between the GT 1300 Junior and the larger-engined 2000 GTV left open after the discontinuation of the Sprint GT model range four years earlier. The engine was almost identical to that of the previously mentioned Sprint GT's and even had the same engine type number. This meant proven machinery, making for a reliable package. 
Production of the GT Juniors seized in late 1976 and totaled around 92.000 units of the 1.3 engine model and around 13.000 units of the 1.6 engined Juniors making it a much rarer sight on roads, and for obvious reasons the engine variant to-have on a Junior. 
This Alfa Romeo GT 1600 Junior:
Chassis number AR2196684 was newly consigned on the 30th of June 1972. The car has resided most of its life in the Netherlands. According to historical documents, it was imported on the 14th of August 1987 and has resided in the Netherlands ever since. Only a brief spell to Belgium in 2016 before we acquired the car and brought it back to the Netherlands. 
The car has seen a full respray in its correct shade of blu Olandese some years ago, hence its superb presence. Its striking looks are accentuated by the addition of the ever-so tasteful 15" Alfaholics GTA-style wheels which are fitted with brand new tyres. The body is solid throughout and doesn't show signs of rust or oxidation of any kind. The underside of the car has been treated with a solid undercoating, to prevent any damage being done by road grit, stone chipping and makes the underside significantly more rust-resistant. The engine is suited with two Weber DHOE 40 carbs and runs as smooth as ever. We truly believe all of the original 109 horsepower are still on demand, hence it pulls tremendously well. The gearbox is in just as good of a condition, hence it shifts superbly without any cracking synchro's of any kind. Although the pedal-setup is perfectly aligned for some old fashioned heel-and-toe fun, double-declutching is not at all a necessity for this clearly well-treated gearbox. This specimen's mechanics really live up to its striking looks.
The interior of this motorcar is to be called very neat. The driver's seat has been reupholstered in the correct material to match the rest of the furniture, formerly it was letting the rest of the interior down due to excessive wear. 
With an ever-increasing demand for these cars, good and solid examples are getting harder and harder to get hold of. Due to this, prices are continuously on the rise and it is not hard to see why: Truly superb Italian styling by Bertone, avant-la-lettre mechanics (4 wheels disc breaks, 5 speed, 50/50 weight distribution, and many more uncommon features for the period) and the fact that only around 13.000 GT 1600 Juniors have ever left the factory gates make it a highly collectible package. 
As ever, we are more than proud to offer this truly unique motorcar for sale. This car needs absolutely nothing and is completely ready to be enjoyed as intended by a new owner.