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Chassis no. 110D541494

Launched as the Nuova 500 in the summer of 1957 as a successor to the popular 500 "Topolino", it was an inexpensive and practical little car. Measuring 2.97 meters long, and originally powered by a 479 cc two-cylinder, air-cooled engine, the 500 was 24.5 centimeters shorter than it's 'big' brother, the Fiat 600 which launched two years earlier.
The car presented here is a second series 'D' type. Replacing the original Nuova in 1960, the D is very similar to the first series 500 but contains some notable differences. First of all, the engine size of the D features an uprated 499 cc capacity producing a whopping 17 bhp as standard. This engine capacity was used right through until the end of the L-series in 1973. The other key difference between the first and second series 500 is the roof: the standard D roof does not fold back as far as the roof on the Nuova, though it was also available as "Transformable" with the same roof as the Nuova. The new roof configuration would be used right up until the end of the classic Fiat 500 lifecycle. 
The Fiat 500D presented here is in absolutely immaculate condition due to a full nut-and-bolt restoration carried out in Italy last year. The car is finished in its original color scheme of Aquamarine over bi-color blue interior. The car was originally delivered on 17 September 1963 to Forli, Italy. The original libretto of the car is still present and contains numerous period MOT stickers and service certificates showing an exceptional provenance. The restoration has incorporated a full engine-out overhaul of all the mechanics and engine components. The car is still featuring all the proper welding points and shows no signs of any rust whatsoever. The car has been built up with exceptional attention to detail, having all the correct bolts and screws in the right places with fresh 'correct type' rubbers and seals all around the car. 
To further show it's originality, the car is featuring the original toolkit in the correct pouch. The odometer is showing a mileage of 34 598 km's, which is believed to be the car's original mileage.
This 500D is possibly the best one we've ever come across. Most restorations of 500's don't come anywhere near to the overall quality this one possesses. The quality of the restoration, a fabulous provenance, with all the right details. This 500 ticks all boxes and is ready to be enjoyed! 
Price: 14.950,-