1972 Alfa Romeo GT 1300 Junior                             Email enquiry
Coachwork by Bertone
Chassis no. AR1284298 
  • Alfa Romeo's most iconic post-war coupé
  • Originally delivered in Verde Pino (216)
  • Matching numbers
  • In exceptional state throughout
  • ASI Gold plate certification
    "If you are young at heart and want to put your foot down, have a go. The engine won't be troubled, and because the body is so strong, nor will you." - Alfa Romeo in the model's brochure about the newly launched GT 1300 Junior. 
When it was first shown to the press, the Alfa Romeo Giulia GT had the difficult task of replacing the much-loved Giulietta Sprint. Again, Bertone was commissioned to design and produce the bodies for Alfa’s production coupé, and with the talent of a young Giorgetto Giugiaro, the new Giulia GT was an instant success. In 1966, Alfa introduced the GT 1300 Junior, which was a simplified variant of the Giulia GT-powered 1300TI’s engine, equipped with two twin-choke carburetors. A choice of Weber, Dellorto or Solex could be made. Aimed at younger ‘Alfisti’, the Junior became the best-selling model for the entire Giulia GT lineup with the 1300 variant being the most popular.
The car on offer here is a 1972 model, originally consigned to Mr. Pietro u. Derute of Perugia on the 15th of December 1972. It's following provenance can be summarised as follows;
  • 28-05-1997. Alberto Bellocchi of Peruggia
  • 14-03-2003. Renzo Paciotti of Corciano
  • 16-02-2017. Sergio Valecchi of Sarteano.
  • 08-05-2018. Monica Martelli of Bologna, before we acquired it and transferred it to the Netherlands. 
Chassis number AR1284298 was originally consigned in the wonderful color of Verde Pino, accompanied by a highly specced option list. At the time the GT 1300 was the most affordable variant of the GT bunch, but that didn't keep the first owner from speccing some additional options. The car is fitted with the at the time very expensive grey cloth interior. It is easy to see why; in the piping hot sun of central Italy a cloth interior is the obvious way forward compared to a (usually black) skai interior.
The car is fitted with the at the time high tech feature of an electric retractable Phillips antenna and corresponding correct radio cassette. 
Furthermore, it's in very good condition throughout due to a fastidious restoration about 10 years ago. It is very much believed the complete mechanics including the engine, transmission, suspension and rear axle have been overhauled just as thorough. The car is fitted with two Solex ADDHE c40 carburetors and the highly desirable 123/ALFA-4-R electronic ignition system. This all makes for a tremendously smooth driving experience. The transmission is in a very good state as well, no crunchy synchro's or gears whatsoever. The entire body of the car is as straight and rust-free as can be, all thanks to the superb restoration works.  
The car is supplied with its original owners manual, Libretto and an ASI gold certification, underlining it's superb state. Very rarely have we come across a GT which ticks all boxes so effortlessly. Highly usable for a variety of events and thanks to its superb handling characteristics a true delight to drive.
We cannot recommend this wonderful GT 1300 highly enough. 
Price: €29.950,-