• Delivered new to Italy
  • Sought-after sliding windows
  • Finished in a vibrant colour combo
  • Comes with its original Libretto
  • Very affordable entry to a "suicide doors" 500



1972 Fiat 500 Giardiniera

Autobianchi Bianchina


Chassis no. 286385

The Fiat 500 Giardiniera:
The simplicity of the Fiat 500 underpinnings, wrapped in a slightly larger and more usable estate bodystyle - that was the general idea for the Fiat 500 Giardiniera. Underpinnings that were very similar to the "conventional" Fiat 500 D with the same 499 cc engine, only now rotated 90 degrees so that a flat loading space became a reality. This made the Giardiniera not only much more usable for the more sizeable Italian families, but also opened possibilities for a commercial commissioning as a "van"; the so-called Furgoncino which is identical to the Giardiniera only without rear windows.
Production of the Giardiniera moved to subcontractor Autobianchi from 1968 onwards, and was renamed as Autobianchi Giardiniera. It is noteworthy to state that all Giardiniera's have suicide doors, from their original inception in 1960 all the way to 1977 when production eventually seized - unlike the "regular" 500's at the time.
This Fiat Giardiniera:
The car on offer here, chassis no. 286385, was originally constructed in 1972 and has remained in Italy throughout its entire life. The original libretto states that it has seen just 2 owners from 1980 to date, the first in Parlermo and the second in Rome. The latter was of American descent, more precisely New-York who clearly knew how to blend in with the locals in Rome...
The car presents itself in lovely condition throughout, with no signs of corrosion whatsoever. The flooring has been treated with a protective coating to preserve the metal underneath. The paintwork is in very good condition throughout, no concours standards but very neat and tidy indeed.
Technically is the car as sound as it looks, nicely pulling engine, smooth gearbox with all ancillaries working as they should. The car comes with its original jack and some lovely original tools with FIAT stamping - a nice touch to support the car's originality.
Overall a really nice and honest example that will put a smile on anyone's face that will climb behind the wheel of this little gem. Spring motoring with an as near as makes no difference panoramic roof-aperture, seating for 4 and the all-important suice doors - hard to find a more fun offering at this affordable price-point.