• Single owner until 2010, only two Italian owners and a believed 63.300 km's from new
  • Accompanied by its original registration documents including the period "Foglio Complementare"
  • Beautifully presented in its original and cultivated shade of Rosso Amaranto (AR 509) over tan
  • A truly spectacular example of a second series "stepnose GT"; one of Alfa Romeo's greatest hits


TIPO 105.30

1970 Alfa Romeo GT 1300 Junior

Coachwork by Bertone

Chassis no. AR1255206

Engine no. AR00530*94752


“It’s the simple things that enrich life. Who needs an executive saloon and a Michelin-starred restaurant when you could have an Alfa Romeo GT 1300 Junior, a pizza and a stunning seaside sunset?”
- Classic Driver about the GT 1300 Junior
The GT 1300 Junior
The 105 series GT had the heavy task of replacing the hugely popular Giulietta Sprint. As Bertone did a great job on the outgoing model, they got the job for the new iteration. The 17-year-old Giorgetto Giugiaro came up with an elegant but above all practical gran turismo that was packed with numerous revolutionary features. Initially launched as 1570 cc variant, in 1966 Alfa opened up to a broader audience by launching the so-called Junior equivalent with a 1290 cc engine. This made a significant difference as the lower engine capacity made the car significantly more affordable – especially for younger “Alfisti” in the domestic Italian market.
The GT 1300 Junior was updated in 1968 and 1969 respectively, bringing some subtle but notable distinctions to the table. Examples of these improvements include: new front uprights, power-assisted brakes as standard, a hydraulically-operated clutch, additional rear axle stabiliser and a new air box, a new dashboard design and many more.
The last iteration (1969 – 1970) of the “Scalino” or “stepnose” series benefited from all the incremental improvements applied over the years. Hence these later cars can be seen as the ultimate iteration of what is considered as the purest form of the Bertone GT amongst aficionados. This car is one.
This GT 1300 Junior
In August 1970 did Raffaela Sotis of Minturno, Italy take delivery of this motorcar. It is believed that the car was delivered in the wonderfully cultivated shade of Rosso Amaranto 509 over a tan interior, the same specification as the car is presented in today. Fantastic period documentation indicates that the car cost Mrs Sotis 855.000 Italian Lira when new. She kept hold of the car until February 2010 when Walfrido Ceraso became the next custodian and would hold ownership of it until August 2020. The lovely period Libretto substantiates both ownerships including MOT stamps with mileage indication. Very rarely are Bertone GT’s suited with such uninterrupted documentation of ownership.
Today, is chassis number AR1255206 presented in wonderful condition throughout. It is evident that the car has seen a meticulous engine-out restoration some years ago; all body panels have near-perfect alignment, panel gaps are consistent and correct, as are the spotwelds on various places. The body shows no signs of corrosion, as the car has resided in the South of Italy its entire life. All restoration works have evidently been carried out in a truthful and above all professional manner.
The car has reportedly been used very sparingly in the last years of its Italian residency, so the car has had a recent service as have the Weber carburettors been completely overhauled by an Italian expert before the car came to the Netherlands. Pictures of this work are present in the accompanied history file. The entire drivetrain including gearbox is very smooth and the engine pulls a treat.
The car has had a thorough going-over by us and is now completely “on the button” and to be enjoyed by its next custodian. This is a dazzling example of the sought-after Bertone GT “scalino”, in superb original colours, fresh to the market and ideal for a magnitude of grand touring.
It stands ready to be inspected and tested in our showroom immediately.