• A stunning example in well sorted order
  • Presented in rare Bluette AR327 over a Beige upholstery
  • Proudly taken on a +2500 km roadtrip to Italy in June 2022
  • Accompanied by the original jack, vast history file and rare owners' manual
  • Dutch registered

TIPO 105.39

1967 Alfa Romeo Giulia 1300 TI

Bluette AR327

Chassis no. AR647237

Engine no. AR00539*43616

The Giulia 1300 TI:
By February 1966, Alfa decided to build on the strong foundation of their previously launched entry-level Giulia 1300 by introducing a more lavishly equipped variant in the 1300 TI (TI standing for Touring Internazionale, the then de-facto Italian touring car championship class). This new model got designated 105.39 and benefited from some incremental technical besides aesthetical modifications. Power was raised from 78 to about 82 hp, a five speed  gearbox was installed (the previous 1300 model had only four), a re-engineered cylinder head and last but not least a shorter final drive ratio to increase acceleration.
From late 1967 onwards the strip speedo dash was replaced by a more luxurious round dial dash to be more in-line with the Giulia Super they had on offer at the time. Indeed, the Giulia model range of the late 60’s is a maze but it’s ever-so interesting to be able to distinguish the subtle differences between the models.
This Giulia 1300 TI:
The 1300 TI we’re pleased to offer, chassis no. AR647237, was originally supplied to its first owner in Italy on the 30th of June 1967. Colours make cars and the specification of this Giulia really is a home-run in rare Bluette AR327 (also known as Blu Patrol) over a Beige with black interior. A colour very rarely encountered on 105’s and which, according to us, works very well! This Giulia came into the Netherlands in the latter stages of 1998 and was subsequently suited to registration number AE-23-73 according to official registration records. Today the car is still Dutch registered under this number.
The Giulia we’re pleased to offer is quite simply in exceptional state throughout. Technically pretty much as sorted as they come, driving a treat with all ancillaries functioning without exception. Its no surprise either, as the previous custodian has spent in excess of €4214,- in the last 2 years of ownership on service and maintenance. Stating that it has been kept in shape regardless of money might be a stretch, but be assured its on the button by all regards. And it needs to be as the previous custodian used the car for long distance driving, the last significant drive was to the Mille Miglia in June 2022 for instance (a trip of more than 2500 km’s), also underlined by the 2022 Swiss road vignet still present on the front windscreen. Yellow light bulbs and auxiliary lights have been installed as well, although we think they look rather ace they're easily removable if a new cudtodian would wish to do so.
The body of the Giulia is exceedingly sound. Nice weld spots throughout, with the underbody preserved with a black underbody coating. Simply put, there's no rust evident whatsoever. Door, boot and bonnet gapping is straight and consistent. The engine fires up without the need of the choke and runs very smoothly indeed. It picks up without hesitation and is a joy to use, clearly the ignition timing and carburation are set-up on point. The gearbox (indeed also the synchro meshes) and drivetrain are in simply great condition as well.
The interior is a very pleasant place to be, with a nice unharmed dashboard and an original radio blanking plate. Moreover its nice to see the original Bakelite steering wheel, correct seats as well as upholstery. No significant damage is evident to the upholstery, nor to the headlining besides the usual signs of use. A little insert in the back shoulder of the rear bench and a little tear in a door grasp are the only indications of use in the interior, besides these its first class all the way through. It goes without saying all electrics, handles and switchgear function as they should.
The car is accompanied complete with its original jack, spare wheel, history file containing some records of service and maintenance work as well as the original owner’s manual.
If you’re in the market for an unmolested, technically sorted and rust-free Giulia in a dainty colour combination then this is a car that should be high on your list. Nothing is needed before taking this gem on a late Summer tour or weekend getaway. Just a stunning example at what we consider a very interesting price-point.