1964 Fiat 500 D Trasformabile
TIPO 110D.000 | Verde Chiaro 363

Chassis no. 748434

Engine no. 126A1.000 9379966

  • A desperately attractive 500 D in ultimate “Trasformabile” configuration
  • Finished in vibrant Verde Chiaro over a weaved Verde interior
  • Upgraded with usability in mind, sporting a 650cc engine and synchronized gearbox
  • The recipient of an exacting restoration in Italy
  • Accompanied by its original jack, spare wheel and copy of the owner’s manual
  • Probably the best available anywhere today

The Fiat 500 D:

The story of the “original” 500 as people refer to today started in 1957 with the 500 “Nuova” - the definitive people’s car to carry Italian families of 4 on their day-to-day commute. Initially rather unsuccessfully launched, by 1960 Fiat made some adequate changes to their “people’s car” with lessons learned from the 500 N and 500 Sport which it had on offer until then.
Initially only available with a semi hardtop roof, Fiat offered the highly desirable folding back roof configuration as “Trasformabile” option on the D which was so synonymous with the N when it launched. The initial incentive for the usage of the folding back roof was to save costs quickly became a well-received feature on the 500. The D was more lavishly equipped than the previous models as well and most importantly, was the last 500 to be fitted with the “Rolce Royce-like” suicide doors that define the early 500’s so evidently.
This Fiat 500 D:
We’re pleased to have found another great 500 D Trasformabile, a model we’ve gotten to know quite well over the years. The lovely specimen we have in front of us here, chassis no. 748434, was originally delivered on the 7th of September 1964, making it a relatively “late” example in the production run. Finished in the show-stopping specification of Verde Chiaro over a weaved Verde interior - this 500 D ticks all the right boxes. It is presented in near new condition thanks to a full restoration in Teramo, Italy (some imagery of restoration works on file) before making the trip to Maastricht. All aspects including mechanics, brakes, electrics and the body have meticulously been addressed with the right eye for detail. It goes without saying all ancillaries are functioning without exception.
The paint finish is vivid yet consistent and panel gaps are correct (for a Fiat 500) throughout. The interior is equally neat, sporting the correct rubber floormats as well as the overmats.
Presented in ultimate Trasformabile (or as the Italians call it: Tetto apribile – sounds much better doesn’t it?) configuration, it simply does not get much better in Fiat 500 land, than this. With usability being a big factor in today’s traffic conditions, this 500 has been upgraded with a 650 cc engine (engine type 126A1.000) producing a whopping 22.5 hp (compared to the original 17 – those few hp’s make the world of difference in that field of play). Besides has the gearbox been upgraded with synchromeshes, making for a lot smoother of a shift. Last but not least has a hazard switch has been installed for safety reasons, again keeping usability in mind. These little alterations elevate the driving experience and increase safety considerably.
The Fiat comes fully equipped with its original jack, spare wheel and copy of the original owner’s manual. It needs nothing before being used as intended in the forthcoming Spring and Summer. These get increasingly more difficult to get hold of – so don’t miss it.
If you’re looking for a superb 500 D Trasformabile in a desperately pretty spec that needs nothing, the hunt can come to an end.